Multiple Animals 多个生肖

Multiple Animals 多个生肖

Suitable Chinese Zodiac Animals or All 12 Zodiac Animals Bracelets and Necklaces

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12 Chinese Zodiac Animals: 1. Rat 鼠 2. Ox 牛 3. Tiger 虎 4. Rabbit 兔 5. Dragon 龙 6. Snake 蛇 7. Horse 马 8. Goat 羊 9. Monkey 猴 10. Rooster 鸡 11. Dog 狗 12. Pig 猪

12 Lucky Horoscope Animal Symbols of the Chinese Zodiac Symbols Made of Genuine Asian Green Jade Tied with a Feng Shui China Knot, which is made from only one red or colorful string by hand, stands for luck & love, health and longevity, bring good luck for you everywhere! Create good luck for the New Year, for a Birthday, for your Children, Parents, Wife or Husband, or for a Good Friend!

A Chinese legend: You may Turn ill luck into good if you hang up a Chinese Zodiac Symbols or Fengshui Charm in your car or room. That's why so many Chinese people hang up a lucky charm in their car. The Chinese Zodiac Symbols animals are personalized for your birth year to show your good luck and fortune! Designed to bring about the best possible life situations for you and your family, Feng Shui symbolism will help you toward your goals. 

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