Rabbit 兔

Rabbit 兔

Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Fengshui Lucky Charms or Necklaces with Red Envelope

Celebrate 2018 Chinese New Year -the Year of the Dog, you may get 10-20% Discount for Order Total $30-100 or more: 10% off if ordering $30 or more (Coupon Code 6666); 15% off if ordering $60 or more (Coupon Code 7777); 20% off if ordering $100 or more (Coupon Code 8888). Free Shipping for Order $50 or more.

Year of the Rabbit : 2011, 1999, 1987, 1975, 1963, 1951, 1939, 1927, 1915, 1903. Note: The Chinese New Year may begin at January or February. If you were born at January or February, you may need to refer to the Year in Chinese Lunar Calendar. Click for Chinese New Year's Day for every year.

A Suitable "Animal" is Perfect as a Partner, Coworker, or Married with you. The Rabbit will get along Well with the Goat and the Pig, but have to Avoid Rooster! 

Advantages of Rabbit people: Affectionate, clever, gifted, ambitious, smooth talkers, talented, obliging, always pleasant, respected and trusted by others, tranquil, avoids big risks, keeps a promise, likes a contract. 

Disadvantages of Rabbit people: Too sentimental, easily superficial, melancholic, many emotional involvements, too cautious, conservative, some detached family attitude, weeping or weeping with joy for no reason, uninformed sometimes, ignoring knowledge at times.

The Prospect of this Dog Year for the Rabbit: Good luck rate among 12 animals: #3.

Note: The size of most our jade charms or pendants is about 3/4 x 1 inches, the color, size and design may be slightly different because many jade symbols are made from natural jade stone by different Masters' hands mainly, Not only copy by machine. It comes with a Feng Shui knot for Luck & Love or Red String or Necklace Cord, packed in a Jewelry Box (white or golden) or Chinese Lucky Red Envelope (the graphics may be varied).
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Yellow Crystal Rabbit Bracelet

Yellow Crystal Rabbit Bracelet

Natural Light Yellow Clear Crystal Rabbit Bracelet (Item C452)Cord Size: 2.5" diameter, it's better ..


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