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Gong Xi Fa Cai -May You be Happy, May You be Wealthy in the New Year!
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Happy Chinese New Year, 2014 the Year of the Horse!

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The Rat --Fengshui Chinese Zodiac Symbols 

Year of the Rat : 2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960, 1948, 1936, 1924, 1912, 1900. Note: The Chinese New Year may begin at January or February. If you were born at January or February, you may need to refer to the Year in Chinese Lunar Calendar.  Click for Chinese New Year's Day for every year.
A Suitable "Animal" is Perfect as a Partner, Coworker, or Married with you. The Rat will get along well with the Dragon and the Monkey, but have to avoid the Horse!

Other Fengshui symbols for a Rat: Cellular Phone Jade Tassel;

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Good Luck Rat Charms or Pendants for New Year, Feng Shui or Birthday

Fengshui Jade Charms or Zodiac Animal Lucky Necklace may bring you Well-Being and Good Luck!

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Jadeite Rat
Yellow Rat
Red Rat
Purple Rat
Dog Rat
Lucky Money
Green Rat
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yellow jade Chinese Yellow Jade Necklace
chinese red agate Agate Necklace, Chinese Words on back
purple jade Chinese Purple Jade Necklace
chinese jadeite Green Jadeite Phone Strap
Goldtone replica Ancient Chinese Coin Charm
xiuyan chinese nephrite Chinese light green or white Jade Necklace
year of rat chinese zodiac symbol feng shui jade charm
yellow jade rat necklace
red agate rat necklace
purple jade zipao zodiac rat
cellular jade rat
ancient money
rat jade necklace pendant

Advantages of Rat people: Aggressive, ambitious, generosity, integrity, unbelievable persistence, imaginative, thrifty and having the ability to save money, to live well and enjoy it, easily has friends.

Disadvantages of Rat people: Suspicious, power-hungry, quick to anger, critical, being fussy about petty things, spending everything they have managed to save, high attention to loving someone who doesn't love back, gossip, has no durable friends.

Rat people in the Horse Year (1/31/2014-2/18/2015): Good luck rate among 12 animals: #11.

Good Lucky Side: Yon need help and some one may help you.

Ill Lucky Side: Not easy for every things.

Adaptable to: Be conservative, to strengthen your kidneys.

Not Adaptable to: Increase investment.

Fengshui Zodiac Items in the Horse Year (1/31/2014-2/18/2015) for the Rat:

Black Dragon, Dragon and Monkey zodiac animal signs.

This year is the opposite year (Fan Tai Sui) for the Snake people. Black Turtle, Dragon or Monkey, Qui Dragon and Green Lion Large Round Jadeite Stamp Bar Charm may protect you.

Disclaimer: Feng Shui and Chinese Zodiacs are part of the Chinese culture for several thousand years in Asia. We collect and introduce this knowledge for information only, not as a formal advice.
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