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12 Chinese Zodiac Animals

Chinese Jade, Crystal Feng Shui Zodiac Symbols for Chinese New Year, Your Horoscope, Birthday or Lucky Charms

真玉玉吊. 玉牌. 风水中国結. 真玉手机鏈. 手鏈 Chinese Feng Shui 翡翠. 和田玉. 玛瑙. 黄玉. 紫袍玉. 岫玉. 绿水晶
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恭喜发财 Gong Xi Fa Cai -May You be Happy, May You be Wealthy in the New Year!
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Feng Shui & Chinese Zodiac Lucky Charms

Get Your Benefits and Find the Fengshui Secret to a Good Life! Looking for a Fengshui Symbol, feng shui charms, a Feng-Shui Gift? Find out about Feng Shui for Longevity? Want to learn the Feng Shui of gift giving? Looking for a Personalized birthday gift? Looking for that special present for someone you love? Feng Shui -- a timeless guide to the Chinese art of living in harmony with your environment and the laws of nature, is the Chinese "geomancy". It is based on the principles of Yi Jing (I Ching)--the Book of Changes (about 5000 years old). In Taoism, Feng Shui is used to promote power, energy, health, happiness, success and wealth. For centuries, Chinese have believed that the Qi (Chi) -- the vital energy in human body and the universe, is the most important refined material of all activity and action.

One of the best and easiest ways of boosting Qi is through symbolism. Carry or place these special objects around the home or office and all significant places, particularly when the symbols represent what you wish to achieve. With Feng Shui Good Fortune Symbols, you will be able to energize any aspect of your life, or that of someone you love.

Longevity Dragon Real Hard Jade Plate

green dragon jade plate
long dragon jade plate
white dragon jade plate

Size: 1-1/4 x 1-7/8"; Class A Real green or white jadeite (hard jade), high quality carving, large pendant with adjustable necklace cord

The Dragon is a symbol of Creativity, Nobility, Strength, Goodness, Immortality, Longevity, Courage and Endurance. The Dragon stands mostly for male Yang energy. The Green (Jade) dragon exists in the East and enhances Vital Energy. A Longevity Jade Chinese zodiac symbols Dragon Plate is very lucky for success in business, to attract good fortune into the home and business, to provide long life, and for protection from the evil spirits.

Suggested to Use: The Longevity Dragon is a perfect necklace pendant for a boy who needs strength. It is a good charm or amulets to place in the east side of your home or office, or hold tightly in your hand for courage and energy. It's a powerful charm used for the Dragon, the Rat, the Monkey people and "Fan Tai Sui".

Click to see a Dragon-Bagua Jade Plate.

Treasure Gourd Real Hard Jade Charm

treasure gourd jade fengshui charm
yellow treasure gourd jade fengshui charm
red treasure gourd jade fengshui charm
green treasure gourd jade fengshui charm
Jadeite, light green
Large jade, Yellow
Agate, red & white
Green crystal, small
0.75x1.5" / $8.88
0.5x1.25" / $8.88
0.25x0.5"/ $7.77
0.25x0.5"/ $7.77

The Gourd was used as container to keep precious water which saved many travelers' lives. Its number 8 shape is symbolized by the Bagua with 8 sides. It is accepted as money in Feng Shui. Its round shape encourages the circulation of vital energy.

Suggested to Use: The Jade Treasure Gourd is a wonderful talisman to carry for protection during traveling, and for good health and longevity. Hang it from doors, windows, at the head of your bed, above the office desk, carry in your handbag, or inside your vehicle to encourage money luck to be with you always. It's a powerful charm used for "Fan Tai Sui".

Real Hard Jade Bagua (Pakua) Charm

jade bagua pakua fengshui charm

Size: 1-1/4 x 1-1/4"; light green or white jadeite (hard jade) with a Feng Shui knot for Luck & Love

The Bagua means "8 divination symbols" in Chinese. There are 8 divisions on Bagua. Each separate division (or gua) corresponds with a different major area of life, for example family, health, career and so on. It was named from the great book of I Ching -- the Book of Changes, and said to be born on the magic turtle's back at the dawn of time. A detailed Bagua Chart is used as the map of Feng Shui for direction, and to remedy the problems in your home, office, and aid all situations in your life. It's as famous as the Tai-Ji (Tai-Chi) Yin-Yang Symbol in Taoism.

Suggested to Use: It's a good fortune symbol as a car protector to keep you and your passengers safe, as a home or office protector against "secret poisonous arrows" from known or unknown evils or enemies. It's a powerful charm used for "Fan Tai Sui".

Click to see Dragon-Bagua Jade Plate; Click to see Nephrite Bagua Necklace: only $5.99.

Lion Large Round Jadeite Stamp Bar Office Table Charm

lion jadeite stamp bar
$48.88 (one in stock)

Size: (top lion) 1.5x1.75", (bottom bar) 1.8" round; Real green & white color jadeite (hard jade). Click for more picture.

Suggested to Use: Lion is Fengshui item of protection for your home, store or office. You may use it as a stamp bar, put it on your table or use it as Feng Shui charm.

Yellow or Green Hard Jade Qui Dragon (Chinese Holy Animal)

holy animal jade Qui dragon
green Qui dragon

Size: 3/4 x 1"; Real yellow or light green jadeite (hard jade)

Suggested to Use: Qui Dragon is a Holy Animal, a perfect Fengshui item to protect your home.

Hematite Black Turtle Charm

hematite turtle

Size: 1/2 x 1"; Hematite silver black turtle tied with a red string

Hematite (Haematite) is a magnetic natural iron mine. Magnets have been used for the healing benefits such as relieving pain, increasing blood flow since ancient times. You may use it as a charm or necklace. Turtle stands for longevity.

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